Health & Safety

IES Engineering - Health & Safety

At IES, health and safety is integral to our company culture. We carry a determination to continually keep our environment safe – whether that’s our workplace or the locations where our staff work.

IES recognizes the legal duty we have to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our employees and others at the sites where we operate. We are committed to adhering to all applicable legislation, including environmental law, and maintaining an effective management system structured to consistently meet health and safety objectives.

Risk assessments for equipment moves

Every equipment move or install necessitates a risk assessment.

The meticulous risk assessments that we carry out ahead of every project are not simply box-ticking exercises. To us, risk assessments are integral to both the planning and execution of each job. When you select IES engineering services, you have peace of mind that we:

  • Carry out comprehensive site surveys during the planning stage of all projects. 
  • Review safety in every aspect of an install or move; from the load to the environment and installation process required.
  • Document and reassess risk if there are any deviations from the planned method. 
  • Constantly challenge our risk assessment process, enhancing procedures whenever possible.

A positive health and safety culture

At the heart of our positive health and safety culture is a management system that actively involves every IES team member.

IES managers and supervisors across the organization have responsibility for the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and visitors. We raise awareness of workplace risks to all concerned, identifying and implementing the necessary control measures for safe working. 

Our management provides advice, continually reviews health and safety processes, and addresses risk-related matters. We encourage employees to come forward with ideas, strengthening a company-wide commitment to carrying out health and safety surveillance.

What Our Clients Say

“We have recently used IES for tool move outs. These folks did an excellent job at an attractive price compared to other alternatives (OEMs). They were very flexible and were able to respond at short notice and meet aggressive schedules with no issues. IES provided a very high level of professional planning and documentation for every tool move. If you are in need of contractors to perform a tool move, we highly suggest you investigate this option.”

Intel, Portland