Health & Safety

IES Engineering - Health & Safety

At IES, health and safety is integral to our company culture. We carry a determination to continually keep our environment safe – whether that’s our workplace or the locations where our staff work.

Risk assessments for machine moves

When it comes to machine moves and installs, risk assessments are of the highest importance. Here at IES, a successful job is a safe job. The meticulous risk assessments which we carry out ahead of every project are not done simply as a box ticking exercise. To us, risk assessments are integral to both the planning and execution of every job. 

We take into account all aspects of a move; from the load to the environment and installation process. Thanks to our dynamic awareness of risk – from the outset of the planning stage through to commissioning and completion – you can rest assured that every component of a project plan is thoroughly assessed and actioned. 

Our method statement documents are jargon-free and designed to be understood by everyone involved with a project – from millwrights to engineers and administration personnel. We constantly challenge our risk assessment process to ensure its clarity and effectiveness, upholding the principle that a ‘successful job is a safe job’. 

Covid-safe machine moves

Can machine movement and installations be completely Covid-safe? At IES, we put in place all possible steps to ensure your equipment relocation is mindful of Covid risks.

IES has always demonstrated exemplary health and safety management, and during the pandemic, we have adapted our service with measures such as:

  • Allocating a safety specialist to each project team to handle Covid concerns.
  • Communicating as clearly as possible with clients, while keeping face to face interaction between personnel to a minimum.

Do you have any questions about our health and safety policy? Call us today on +1 (781) 428-9502 or use the contact form.

What Our Clients Say

“We have recently used IES for tool move outs. These folks did an excellent job at an attractive price compared to other alternatives (OEMs). They were very flexible and were able to respond at short notice and meet aggressive schedules with no issues. IES provided a very high level of professional planning and documentation for every tool move. If you are in need of contractors to perform a tool move, we highly suggest you investigate this option.”

Intel, Portland