Machine Installs

Machine Installs

IES has been completing machine installs since 1991. We offer a consultative approach to machine installation, providing an end-to-end service that includes lifting, relocation, placement, alignment, interconnects and assembly. Our experienced riggers and engineers are accustomed to working with complex and sensitive machinery in the US and overseas.

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Machine installs: Knowing What It Takes

Because machine installs and moves are seldom simple, you should be wary of any providers offering ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. Remember that only a few companies can call upon the full range of in-house employed resources – many will have one skill and sub-contract the rest. Your equipment is critical to your business, and that’s why it is essential that sensitive and intricate machines are handled with expert care. Vendors that lack the right experience or tools for the job could damage your equipment and jeopardize your output. That’s why you should only trust an experienced machine mover such as IES.

30 Years of Successful Machine Installs

At IES, we have over 30 years’ machinery installation experience under our belt. We’ve performed machine installs in a variety of hi-tech industries including:

Why Choose Us for Your Machine Install?

You need an industrial machine installation specialist that knows how to get the job done. We are accustomed to working with sensitive, intricate and high value machinery. As a leading global provider of on-site engineering and technical services, we are equipped with the right combination of experience and knowledge. That means nothing in your machine install project will be left to chance.

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Why is IES a leader in machine installs?

When you work with IES, you can be confident that we understand the challenges and complexities that you face in installing machinery at a new site. Our three decades in the business have seen us work on installation projects large and small with companies at all stages of development; from multinationals to start-ups. Any time you ask IES to move your machinery, you automatically benefit from the very best equipment, the latest technology and the smartest techniques. That’s how we can reduce risks, and costs.

What about additional services?

Our machine install solution is part of an end-to-end machine relocation service. Since 1991, we’ve been overseeing every process connected to the movement of equipment, production lines, and entire factories. You can also count on IES for supplementary services such as export packing, crate making and CE marking.

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What Our Clients Say

“We have recently used IES for tool move outs. These folks did an excellent job at an attractive price compared to other alternatives (OEMs). They were very flexible and were able to respond at short notice and meet aggressive schedules with no issues. IES provided a very high level of professional planning and documentation for every tool move. If you are in need of contractors to perform a tool move, we highly suggest you investigate this option.”

Intel, Portland