IES Engineering Services - Quality Statement

IES is fully committed to unfailingly meeting our clients’ expectations of quality, dependability and open, honest communication. This Quality Statement is intended as a written communication of our quality management framework, which allows us to maintain our excellent delivery of engineering services.

Our Quality Statement dictates that our business is conducted in accordance with several key principles. We will:

  • Comply with relevant legislation and satisfy every applicable requirement, upholding the highest standard of business ethics.  
  • Continue to improve our Quality Management System (QMS) across the organization, while focused on achieving, maintaining and building a quality level which surpasses expectations consistently. 
  • Assess business performance and the effectiveness of the QMS on an ongoing basis, furthering our commitment to improving continually. Internally, we will communicate to all members of the organization the importance of quality and dependability, and the implications for products and services.
  • Ensure that every activity we undertake is safe for all concerned, including every party who could potentially come into contact with IES’s work.
  • Retain formal document control over this Quality Statement and assure its availability to all relevant parties. 

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Engineering partnerships that last

By doing business according to our key principles, and providing a value-added, efficient and knowledgeable service, IES has developed many strong partnerships in the US, and overseas. We believe the customers we work with are a testament to our commitment to excellence, and our guarantee of providing the right technical and mechanical expertise for every project we undertake.

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What Our Clients Say

“We have recently used IES for tool move outs. These folks did an excellent job at an attractive price compared to other alternatives (OEMs). They were very flexible and were able to respond at short notice and meet aggressive schedules with no issues. IES provided a very high level of professional planning and documentation for every tool move. If you are in need of contractors to perform a tool move, we highly suggest you investigate this option.”

Intel, Portland