Print Sector

Print Sector

At IES, working with print equipment is second nature. Our 30 years of experience means we know print equipment inside out; from the oldest offset machines still in operation, to the state of the art digital presses on today’s market.

Each member of our print press division is an expert in their field. Our engineers, millwrights and riggers are highly qualified and experienced, and accustomed to working all over the US, and abroad.

Print Engineering: Technical Capabilities

Our print engineering service offers technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Industrial control
  • Camera control systems
  • IT / computer systems / digital front end

Print Relocation: Mechanical Capabilities

The mechanical roles we undertake include:

  • Electricians and electrical print engineers
  • Mechanical print engineers, specializing in tramming and alignment
  • Millwrights
  • Riggers

Trusted by Print Leaders

From HP to Heidelberg, Strachan & Henshaw and Variquik – the best in the business trust IES for print press movement and installation. Since the early 1990s, we’ve moved printing presses in the US and over 25 other countries. Print leaders value the peace of mind that comes with our efficient press relocation and the guarantee of damage-free transportation. 

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The IES Press Relocation Process

Our print press relocations are carried out via a proven process, including the following steps:

  1. Evaluation – a full evaluation, including a print press inspection to check for any mechanical or electronic errors, and a print test for sample production.
  2. Decommission – the print press is prepared for disassembly, including the removal of ink, ink heads, paper from the press and the organization of the IT system. Parts are marked and bagged. 
  3. Disassemble – disassembly is conducted in two stages, with electrical disconnection preceding mechanical dismantle. 
  4. Move – our experienced millwrights and riggers use the latest equipment to overcome moving challenges.  
  5. Packing for shipment – IES designs and produces our own ISPM15 wooden crates for the secure packing of machine modules. Air, sea or road shipping is offered as standard, and we handle customs clearance including required documentation. 
  6. Reassemble – we conduct an evaluation of the flooring area at the destination site to ensure it is supportive of the press. Using calibrated and certified leveling devices, we create the conditions for optimal positioning and tramming. 
  7. Recommission – each print press relocation is completed by a customer acceptance test, after we rebuild your press and ensure the machine is returned to its optimum specification. 

Preventative Maintenance for Print Presses

We carry out preventative maintenance support on print presses to identify potential and existing problems. Regularly scheduled maintenance checks allow us to monitor every print press component which is critical to your operations, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. 

Ask Us About Print Press Relocation

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What Our Clients Say

“We have recently used IES for tool move outs. These folks did an excellent job at an attractive price compared to other alternatives (OEMs). They were very flexible and were able to respond at short notice and meet aggressive schedules with no issues. IES provided a very high level of professional planning and documentation for every tool move. If you are in need of contractors to perform a tool move, we highly suggest you investigate this option.”

Intel, Portland